There are loads of stylist/designers out these days and the offer so much to so many people. Imagine having the task of constantly introducing the latest trends, accessories and style assistance to the masses and doing it effortlessly - Tough Job but somebody stylish has to do it!!

Tina Knowles, Kris Jenner, Lala Anthony and more attend "The Angel Ball 2014"

The stars and styles were in full effect tonight as the 2014 Angel Ball commenced in New York City. The event, held at the fame eatery Cipriani Wall Street, honored legends such as super producer Nile Rodgers, legendary race care driver Jeff Gordon, Ambassador Yousef Otaiba of the Emirates and many more.


Is that Barbecue we smell? No that is hot teacher alert!! Last nights episode of CSI was off the radar and we have all the highlights or should we say all the hot moments.  This show never creases to amaze us with its strange plot twists, quirky characters and most importantly? It's unbelievable creations of dead corpses.

Who Knew? Fashion Trucks Changing the Game

In a time where people are always on the go and not really ready to make complete stops, people aren't feeling stopping by the local massive malls for hours at a time. Imagine looking online and seeing where your favorite food truck will be parked and you make plans to peruse their menu.

HTGAWM - A Whole Lot of Shabonking Going On - RECAP - Annalise Lets Loose

Sweet Jesus, where do we begin? Oh yeah we know, Viola Davis once again stole the show and by stealing it? We mean with one measly thing - HER FREAKING WIG. We are still getting our bearings but tonight's episode started off kind of medium speed and eventually went into overdrive.