LaQuana O'Guin- A Role Model

LaQuana O’Guin knows what it is like to have dreams and to hope and wish that her dreams come true.

Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, LaQuana has experienced many victories as well as defeats. But as Zig Zigler stated, “You have to ''be'' before you can ''do,'' and do before you can ''have.''

Her titles include mom, sister, daughter and friend. Now just by looking at her, one would think that there is not much to her. A woman who exudes a humble and quiet spirit, LaQuana has many attributes that the world has yet to know of.

Being a mom is her great achievements. Her energetic broad consist of Teenager Shaunteirra , Twins Jarrion and Darrion and another set of beautiful twin girls Kayla and Kyla.

When LaQuana delivered her sons, the doctors informed her that one of the baby boys was born with a defect. She adds, “They told me that Jarrion was born with a minor hole in his heart. I was devastated.” But being a woman of faith, she surrounded herself with people of faith and after weeks of appointments and specialist, she received word that the defect was gone. Now Jarrion is running, playing and excelling in every way possible.

After that challenge LaQuana did something that many women in her position would have not done, after many years of graduating from high school, she went back and became a Registered Nurse. LaQuana exclaims, “Some people wrote me off and said that being a single parent of five kids would be too much”.

As she speaks of these memories, she becomes emotional and thankful of where she has came from. “My kids are my life and I am determined to give them a better life and greater opportunities”. Being raised by a mother who is a commander in the Navy had is benefits, " I know how to be strong and survive, its second nature to me", she says.

Her daily task include, making sure that each tyke is bathed and in bed by 8:00 p.m. It is after they are asleep that LaQuana becomes this uber mom who can do anything but fail. “Of course I have fears, as a woman in this day and age; you don’t find a lot of encouragement but in the end, you have to encourage yourself.”

Now being a single woman is not easy as well, “I tell men when they meet me, I have a Tough Team and they come as a package deal with me,” exclaims LaQuana. But being that she has a greater outlook on life, a mate may have to take a back burner simply because, she has more goals and dreams to fulfill. LaQuana has plans to open her own business that will serve as an oasis for the elderly and those with handicapped abilities.

“My heart is in being a nurse and helping those who don’t have the option to help themselves,” she excitingly states. But her most important task is for her kids to see a strong African American Woman who has single handedly changed the landscape of her life. She boldly states," It doesn’t matter where you come from and what circumstances have gotten you there. You can make a difference and it’s never too late- NEVER”

LaQuana O’Guin has made a positive change in her life and did it with a smile. That makes her a Role Model!

In Today’s Society, being a successful African American Woman is a challenge. It’s one that LaQuana Oguin has fought and won.
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