Tina Turner - Iconic Moves

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As a young lad, I can remember one of my uncles being enamoured with a certain songstress and her moves. When ever she would come on the screen or even on the radio, he would stop what he was doing and literally sit still and bob his head to the beat of the drum of her song.

Anyone who watched her literally saw her legs first and then the energy from this artist would simply envelope you in and before you knew it, you were hooked on her talents and beauty.

He then would go into a quick session of informing me of who she was and what she represented. He would often state, "This lady is pure perfection and don't you forget it." You can only imagine my shock when I got older and realizing that he was right about the woman.

That woman was and still is the one and only, Tina Turner and let me tell you, my uncle did not lie. We all know her story of how she overcame great obstacles  to become the icon she is today.

She has effortlessly paved the way for singers and performers such as: Beyonce, Lady Gaga and more. Let's take a look at some of her moves and you will see that she is more than just a dancer/singer but she is a icon in more ways than one.