Video of the Day - R.J.'s Latest Arrival

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The video of the day is from a super cool group who were running things back in the day. I remember my older uncles teaching me the latest break dancing moves and let me tell you - I was right with them. We were pop locking, doing flips and all kinds of stuff which included a few accidents and broken furniture.

I remember these words clearly while pop locking, "Shackles on my feet won't let me dance." The group to release this jam is none other than R.J.'s Latest Arrival who were based out of Detroit, Michigan and they were on fire. The lead singer was super cute and sexy and she had amazing vocals.

It was a full band and they were tough to handle, one of my favorite singles is the heavy yet smooth ballad "Heaven In Your Arms." Check out these videos and you will see that this band was good and the fashions were many things.