One on One with Tracy Lee ~ Luxe By Tracy Lee

I can still remember my mother admonishing me to not bite my nails when I was a young tyke. After a good thrashing, I found myself never doing much of that anymore. To this day this bloggers fiancé, mother and sister get their nails done on a routine basis and encourage me to do the same.

Being the busy professional that I am I cannot tell a fashionable fib and say that I have adhered to their commands. Thankfully LIRM has been blessed by the nail Gods with the presence of a mover and shaker in the world of Nail Artistry.

Tracy Lee has single handedly managed with a combination of humbleness and hard work to create a brand that is one of a kind. We recently had the privilege to share in a One on One interview with this amazing individual and we can say she is simply amazing.

Check out the insightful conversation with this amazingly talented lady.

Tracy, share with our readers your background as well as your path to a successful path.
I grew up in a small, quiet town in New Jersey, with my parents, three brothers, dog, guinea pig, hamsters and fish. I was a serious gymnast for 13 years, competing on national levels and wanted to become involved in the area of sports medicine. A high school accident took me in another direction and I started doing nails because I loved doing my own nails with extensions and nail art. 

After graduating from nail school, I worked for 8 months in a salon and proceeded to open my first salon in New Jersey. I was in the salon business for over 10 years before coming to New York City to start my freelance career.  I still live in New Jersey, commute to NYC almost every day and simply I love it. I get the best of both worlds with the excitement and energy of the city during the day and the quiet peace of New Jersey when I get home at night.  I'm a single mother of two boys whom have single handedly made me the person I am today. 

Your professional portfolio is astounding; share with our readers your unique journey of how you successfully made inroads in your area of expertise.
Thank you!  I have been very blessed in this area and couldn't have gotten this far, so quickly, without my Agent.  My Agent has been in the business for many years; she believed in, trusted and helped me get started in this industry less than 2 years ago.  Within the first two weeks of working with her, I secured three photo shoots and scored my first cover shoot for Lucky Magazine.

We have been going full throttle ever since!!!   I knew instantly that this is where I wanted my career direction to go.  Anyone who knows me knows that no matter what I do, I do it at 200%.  I have an extreme motivation gene inside me... ha!   I researched everything and everyone I could. I embraced session work, attended events, networked like crazy and I still do.

My life didn’t turn around to what it is today until I removed negativity and negative people out of my life. Once I did that, my entire world exploded with opportunity.  When people aren’t in the right place or frame of mind, it’s hard for things to change around you and it is a spiral until you get out.

Opportunities started to present themselves, and I of course, leaped on them! It wasn't long before I was working on the most amazing people in the industry, being commissioned to work with retail powerhouses and had a portfolio worthy of being viewed.

Amazing! Your clients are major players in various areas of success. Have you ever experienced moments where you almost had to pinch yourself?  
Yes, but more so because this part of my career has come so far, so fast.  Just when I think I've hit the pinnacle of success with my career, an even greater opportunity presents itself and takes me even higher. I never see the top because I know something even better is coming.   

Do you have any memories of meeting any great role models who had a lasting impact on you?  
I've met so many notable people and icons in this industry and the great ones will stay with me forever.

Many would love to meet someone of your caliber, how important is it to gleam from those who find someone to steer them in the proper direction?  
I'm simply me. I feel that everyone needs someone to admire, aspire to be as well as motivate you.  Personally, I feel I have been truly blessed in my career and always try to give back whenever I can.  When I first started in this part of the industry, very few people were willing to help me.  The few that did, I am so grateful to and am still working with them today.  As long as I feel the person has integrity and their intentions are good, I will help anyone who asks.  Even when they don't ask, I still try to steer in the right direction.  It's my nature to help people.

Those who follow your twitter posts can tell that your family is most important to you. As a mother, is it hard to balance it all?  What type of advice would you give to someone who is a full time parent and yet following their dreams?
Yes!  My boys are everything to me and it is hard to balance it all but I have been blessed with the help of amazing people in my life. It can be done; it just may take a little time to figure out how to do it and how it will work in your lifestyle.

Local communities have low cost before and after care programs for children.  In my town, it’s provided by the local Y.M.C.A. through my son's school.  There are also recreational departments that are available and some churches also offer child care programs with fees on a sliding scale, based on a parent's income.  

I also have become friends with other parents in schools and neighborhood that have helped me out in a tight pinch, as I would do for them when they need me. We usually do for each other, so the child care is free!   It's all about creating relationships and researching what your town has to offer.  If you aren't sure, ask at your child's school or town hall.  Remember to always give when you receive.

You have a unique brand. Give our readers five key directives of maintaining success in life? 
Integrity:  This is the most important part of life and business success. I see too many people who are shady and cross the line in business. They let greed, jealousy and their insecurities compromise their integrity. I find this to be very sad.

Honesty:  People need to be able to trust you.  If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you make a mistake, own it and then fix it. 

Professionalism: Always remain a professional in business. Professionalism pertains to how you interact with your peers, how you complete your work, your attire, and your attitude.  Keep it professional, and you will have nothing to worry about.

Kindness:  "Treat people the way you would like to be treated" I was raised old-school and this saying is embedded into my brain!   I always try to be kind to everyone, even when they aren't being so kind back.  You never know what people are going through in their life to make them act unkind, mean, etc. I always try turn their mood around and to make people smile.  Usually by the time I'm done working with someone, they are relaxed, feel great and are laughing!  Also, don't think twice about helping someone else as you see they need it.  I will help someone on the street just as quickly as my best friends.

Pride: Always try to take pride in all aspects of your life.  Don't let ego get in the way, as it will eventually be your demise! I take pride in my family, my appearance, my beliefs and my work. Doing this will help you go far in your path of life.

I believe in Karma, and that we "Reap what you Sow".  Keep your integrity, be honest to people, especially yourself and always remain professional. Treat people with kindness, take pride in yourself and that is exactly what will be returned to you.

Tracy, we live in very stressful times. Share with our readers how you handle stress and criticism?
Most of the time I handle stress by exercising and venting to my girlfriends.  I try not to let stress sink in too deep and push it away as quickly as I can.  I am a very spiritual person and I firmly believe that, “what will be, will be, when it will be”.  This has helped me tremendously, as I feel that I really have no control over anything or anyone, it's out of my hands.  

I don't mind constructive criticism, at all.  That is how we learn and better ourselves.  My girlfriend, Kristen, is the best at this.  She's known me for ten or more years and points things out when she needs too. I love her for it!  I tell her she is my voice of reason and I would be lost without her. I don't really get too much criticism around me, except from myself.  I'm my own worst critic.

Nail Care is something that should be important. Give our readers key steps in maintaining healthy nail care. What types of products do you suggest for men and/or women?
For me, nail care is far more than making nails just look pretty. My philosophy is to not only maintain healthy hand and nail care but also remember that foot care is equally important.  If your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. Pedicures are one of my specialties!

Although I perform ALL nail services as requested, my primary focus is on natural "green" nail, hand and foot care services.  I use the best non-toxic paraben and sulfate free products on the market.  All of my supplies are biodegradable, recyclable, or sanitizable.  The products I use on my clients vary depending on what the client’s needs are at the time of service. 

First I recommend a crystal nail file. Not a glass file, it has to be crystal. There is a difference between the two. Only crystal nail files seal the keratin layers of your nails to help prevent splitting and peeling of your nail.  Glass files do nothing.  

Second, A 3 way buffer/shiner! Buffing your nails to a shine stimulates the blood vessels in your nail bed to promote healthy nail growth.  This process smoothes out any roughness on your nail bed, brings some of your nails natural oils to the surface as well provide hydration and flexibility.  It also makes them look amazing.

Third, I recommend a hydrating balm or oil to apply to your cuticles and nail plate daily.  Since your nails grow from behind your cuticle at your matrix, having nourished cuticles will promote healthy nail growth and also keep hangnails at bay.

Forth on my list is a hydrating lotion.  I recommend lotions that have essential oils in them for deep hydration.  Also, check the ingredients.  The first ingredient listed is what the product has the most of in it.  This first ingredient should be water!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers concerning your products and/or upcoming projects?
I am working on my "Luxe" E-Commerce site, where I will be selling personally tested, highly rated products that I will recommend. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the products I've described, feel free to contact me at, and I can ship them to you.

Here at LIRM it is always a breath of fresh air to share with our readers some of the most inspirational individuals who have maintain their inner core. Being that we live in an ego drive society, Tracy Lee is simply a positive breathe of fresh air and we can certainly notice the light of success that is shining bright in her life.