Beyonce ~ "Macy's 4th of July Performances"

You know LIRM is all over the place sharing what we think are pretty dope spots for our faithful readers to love. You know this blogger was resting up for the July 4th weekend and almost blew a gasket upon learning about all the great performances I missed.


Shoe of the Day ~ "All Around Alexander McQueen"

Today we have a super dope shoe selection that comes from someone who is missed in the world of fashion. I think I speak for those who love fashion like no other when I say that the world is somewhat darker with the amazingly talented Alexander McQueen not being here.


Kicked Up Pomegranate Cocktails

This summer has been a scorcher with the intense heat across the USA and thankfully we have a little something something for our readers to relish in.


Della Reese ~ Exclusive Interview

The day is winding down and thankfully we have a quality interview from a legend. This blogger can remember being a young tyke and watching an amazing sitcom Chico & The Man. After a few seasons we began to see singer/actress Della Reese join the cast as a regular and I was instantly hooked.



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